Keplers 1609 Trip to the Moon

Kepler was an astronomer who had probably written the first science fiction novel when he discussed the lizard like creatures that lived on the Moon and assumed Earth revolved around the Moon – much like many thought the Sun revolved around the Earth. He argued, “What we see is dependent on where we see from.”

It is quite interesting to see two parties so fully emotionally opposed to each other on an event that is occurring right before their very eyes. Much like the current political, social and cultural events of the day.  A man is arrested.  One side says he is a crook and deserves swift justice and the other side says he is a “victim of society” and should be quickly vindicated.

I remember one of the most fascinating experiments I participated in high school.  The teacher handed out a “data sheet” describing the personality of a particular individual. That data sheet included their past history, their current undertakings and what was planned for their future.

We were then asked to watch a scene that was to take place at the front of the room at the teachers desk.  A student walks into the room and quietly talks to the teacher (a female teacher).  The teacher then gets up and walks out of the room (we are told the teacher is not to return).  After a few moments the student sees the teachers purse, picks it up, puts it in his backpack and leaves the room.

We were then asked a series of questions about the student.  The main one being, “what do you think he did with the purse?”

Half of the class said he would track down the teacher and return it.  The other said he would take it home, steal anything of worth and then dispose of the purse.

Arguments erupted.  How can you be such a bleeding heart thinking he was going to return it and how can you be such a fascist to believe he was going to steal it?  The teacher let this go on for about 15 minutes.

We were then told why we were so crazed about the other half of the student’s positions. You see, half of the class was told the student was a try hero Boy Scout, always seeking to help others, and honor student, a leader in his community.  The other half of the class was told the student was a juvenile delinquent, always out for himself, always looking for a way to cheat someone out of something he, the student, didn’t have.

So, you see, it all depends upon “how you look” at something.

Now, there can be an entire new experiment that centers on “people change”.  That is, the Boy Scout may have ended up stealing the purse and the juvenile delinquent may have returned the purse.

In any event, my point here is – try to look at an argument from all angles prior to taking your stand.

I Voted Gray

I saw a lot of stickers yesterday, one this morning (in fact) declaring, “I Voted Republican” or “I Voted Democrat”. I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. If your sticker said, “I voted intelligently after understanding the issues and the ramifications of my vote” (Probably too long of a sticker) then I would be impressed.

Just to click off the switches in the Republican column or blacken in all the Democrat boxes in their column is not impressive. It says you really didn’t care what those people or those issues stood for. You just voted for them because they were “Republican” or “Democrat” or what ever. That’s not something you should brag about. All it says is that you’re a follower who will believe what ever propaganda is put in front of you. All it says is that your not intelligent enough to see through illogical arguments, lies, and exaggerations. It tells everyone you’re not an independent thinker who can, for example, believe in the death penalty while also believing in right to life (not actually my believes, just an example). Finally, it’s a further example of why we need to make sure education in this country is properly funded and provided.

All sides, I’m afraid to say, are depending on an intellectually weak constituency. This way, they can just put what every they want in front of you, and you’ll buy it. I challenge you all, for the following election cycles, to remain current on the issues; know who your public officials are; and read your pre-vote booklets thoroughly. Make intelligent, well thought out decisions. Don’t just vote blue or red or purple for that matter. Vote gray. (As in gray matter, as in – with your brain.)

Disgust in The Newsroom

Fox News has GOT to be kidding me. They claim “words” are not actions. Even if Trump says “slam some journalists” he’s just talking. The Five is disgusting. They outright refuse to accept when the bully in chief encourages physical attacks on opponents that he would therefore be responsible for the morons who idolize Mr. Hump and the dangerous things they do.

Voting out of Fear

Listen to both sides. They’re both making outrageous claims and trying to sway you over to their side out of fear. The appeal to emotion. argumentum ad metum. And, when they try to instill panic, it’s called argumentum in terrorem. Both are fallacies of logic.

Both sides are counting on lack of education. Sometimes literally, as in you’re a moron. Sometimes figuratively, as in you’re too lazy to check out the facts of their allegations.

Trump is making statements to suggest the current 5000 plus immigrant migration coming up from South America is full of criminals and Middle Easterners. No proof. In fact, there’s not one Middle Easterner among them. Appeal to your fear in hopes you won’t research the facts.

Dems once proclaimed “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” only failing to also say a large percentage of doctors were avoiding Obamacare like a plague. Hoping to scare you into believing you’d have to get new doctors without Obamacare, they lied.

They all lie. We have to remain vigilant, educated on the issues, willing to research the facts, willing to check into their allegations and we need to reward those that look out for the taxpayer, the worker, and those in desperate need of education with our votes.

Stop being scared and start being smart.

It’s Amazing What You’ll Find on the Internet

Out of curiosity, I completed an internet search seeking to determine, simply, if there were any immigrant child detention centers in Arizona.  Considering Arizonians back and forth position on illegalimmigration I was pretty sure no one would stand for any such facility in the state.   To my shock, I was able to find, not only the number of centers but, the exact location of the centers.  There are 9 in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area alone !!


A NEW LEAF operates two of them.  SOUTHWEST KEY PROGRAM, INC.  operates the other 7.  4 are in Mesa.  3 are in Phoenix.  1 is in Glendale.  1 is in Peoria.  One of the facilities in Phoenix is 5 streets west of, and two blocks north of, Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  I can get there by bicycle.


The centers are referred to as “foster care centers”.  Apparently, we here in Arizona have a huge problem with illegal immigration until we can make some money off of it.  Then, we welcome it with open arms.